World Class Service Centre with Class 100,000 Clean Room and Advanced Test Rigs

Moog’s servovalve repair facility extends its capability to the vast range of MFB, EFB and other Moog servovalves as well as testing those of some competitor products. This enables you to rely on Moog as a single service centre, essentially a one-stop service. No other repair centre can offer so much.

Our facility is ATEX certified to be EN13980, the repair of intrinsically safe products, and have BS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management Approval.

  • Moog Servovalves (includes legacy brands: Ultra, Pegasus, Atchley, Dowty)
  • Actuators (electric and hydraulic)
  • RKP - Radial Piston Pumps (includes Whitton Technology)
  • Servodrives and Servomotors

Service Programs to Help You Maximize Your Budget and Machinery Up-Time

  • Extended Warranty - total warranty coverage for one full year (or the equivalent number of working hours) beyond the expiration date of your original product warranty.
  • Preventative Maintenance - yearly scheduled examination and thorough testing of your Moog servovalves during downtime. Can be extended to other Moog products.
  • Full Service - Comprehensive service contract including temporary replacement servovalves and three-day fast track priority or super-fast one-day service. Covers Moog and non Moog products ensuring an all inclusive service with a pre-defined fee. Particularly suitable customers operating complex supply chains or need longer term cost-management and forecasting.

Older and Obsolete Moog Products

Our standard repair service includes the restoration of older and obsolete Moog servo valves, pumps and actuators to as-new performance levels, with extended warranty that applies to the entire product not only the repaired element.

You can renew your original product with OEM parts to our latest specifications, while avoiding the cost of purchasing new equipment and unnecessary downtime.

It also offers an opportunity to change your industry practices and be more environmentally friendly, as fewer resources are consumed than when building a whole new part.

Fast Track Priority Repair Service

Our Fast Track Priority Service provides a rapid transit through our service facility for a modest additional cost providing you with:

  • Predictable delivery performance
  • Reduced need to stock excess spare units for non critical applications
  • Reduced downtime
  • Improved production