Moog UK's Environmental Policy

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Our Objectives

As a global technology leader for innovative and cutting edge products and services, Moog actively commits to achieving the same level of excellence in the field of environment, health and safety.  Supported by the unique values derived from the Moog culture and philosophy we strive to promote a sustainable and transparent management system that enables Moog to have a positive impact on its people, environment and stakeholders.  

• Protect the health, safety and welfare of all who take part in our activities, by reducing the risk of occupational illnesses and incidents on site.

• Ensure all our activities as a minimum comply with local applicable Health, Safety and Environment laws and regulations.

• Continuously monitor and improve our health, safety and environmental performance.

• Minimise our impact and where possible, have a positive impact on our environment.

• Promote sustainable business practices across the company.

• Ensure transparency in communicating business goals, history, performance and operations.

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