Meet Our Interns – Jack's Story

James Plumbly-Broughton, Undergraduate Intern at Moog Industrial Group

Jack chose Moog for his placement year following the introduction of our new Construction venture in the UK, and was keen to get involved in an exciting new area.

Although Jack had offers from multiple companies, he was particularly interested in the opportunity to gain more experience within development, and Moog Construction’s projects in zero-emission construction and off-highway vehicles provided the perfect chance: “By choosing a development role in an emerging area, I thought I would be exposed to new and innovative projects that would keep me engaged,” said Jack.

Typically, Jack works from 8.30am to 5pm throughout the week, allowing him the chance to take advantage of Moog’s flexible working hours and finish early on Fridays. As a development intern, Jack’s day-to-day tasks revolve around creating CAD, FEA and 3D printing prototypes, along with research for these designs. He supports the Construction department by designing various components, such as tooling for microvalves and actuator construction and prototyping parts for the electrification of off-highway vehicles.

His proudest achievement so far at Moog was being given the chance to design the sub-systems of an electrified wheel loader. “The team gave me full control over the direction I wanted to go in and supported me in the brainstorming and specification,” said Jack. “It will be brilliant to see these implemented into the vehicle!”

Every Monday, Jack joins in with the company football team after work, and enjoys the social events, friendly nature and culture within the organisation. “After I complete my internship, I’ll return to Cardiff to complete my Mechanical Engineering MEng, but I would love a job at Moog after my degree,” Jack concluded.

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