Meet Our Interns – Louis' Story

James Plumbly-Broughton, Undergraduate Intern at Moog Industrial Group

Louis is studying at the University of Bath, and discovered an opportunity at Moog through the company’s partnership with the university. He chose Moog due to its operation in a wide range of different sectors, meaning he’d have the chance to work on different opportunities.

Since coming to Tewkesbury, Louis has been working within the Construction division of Moog, which is dedicated to the electrification of construction machinery. “Since electrification is a relatively new venture, there’s a great deal of creative freedom, which has allowed me to practise a wide range of skills,” Louis said. In particular, Louis has been able to get involved with plenty of design work, utilising the Siemens NX CAD package to produce parts and assemblies, and making considerations for how these parts are manufactured and integrated.

As part of the role, Louis has also been involved with a variety of data analysis work, using duty cycle data collected from existing equipment to calculate the requirements of various machines and to size and fit appropriate components.

Louis’ time at Moog so far has helped him to greatly improve his confidence when it comes to presentations: “Before coming to Moog this was certainly an area in which I struggled, so regularly communicating with external customers or overseas engineers within the business has greatly increased my confidence, and allowed me to effectively convey and extract information from every meeting.”

Louis has found living in Cheltenham during his internship has enabled him to pursue his passion for cycling, with plenty of weekend rides to take part in, some great local clubs to join, and easy access to Tewkesbury by bike. Working at Moog also comes with its perks, especially regarding bike maintenance: “Having access to some of Moog’s workshop space and tools has also allowed me to gain confidence with performing maintenance and repairs in my own time, allowing me to independently service my bike,” Louis continued.

After university, Louis plans on finishing his masters’ degree, and has enjoyed his time at Moog. “Everyone is incredibly friendly and ready to help you at the drop of a hat. The work is genuinely interesting and I never dread coming in. Moog genuinely cares about all its staff and treats them with respect, making you feel valued by the company,” Louis said. “A future career with Moog is something I’d would highly consider; the work is fun and challenging and Cheltenham is a great place to live.”

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