Meet Our Interns – Priya's Story

James Plumbly-Broughton, Undergraduate Intern at Moog Industrial Group


Priya came to Moog from Brunel University after spotting an advertisement on Targetjobs, hoping to gain further experience in market research.

Typically, Priya works with the Marketing and Business Development team and is often called upon to complete various different market research tasks. She also works on a number of social media tasks, using platforms like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and assists in managing the company’s CRM to ensure leads are followed up by the right people.

“I was most proud of my work researching opportunities for miniature hydraulics,” Priya said. “Shortly after beginning my internship, I was given the chance to work on a real project that would have a real impact on Moog’s business plan, so it was fantastic to be given that responsibility from the start.”

While Priya is looking to get more experience under her belt when she returns to Brunel for her final year, she’s enjoyed her time at Moog. “The company culture is great, and Moog really stands by its values. The Tewkesbury team are very supportive and friendly,” Priya concluded.

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