Meet Our Apprentices – Jen's Story

Jennifer Evans, Engineering Apprentice at Moog Aircraft Group

Jennifer’s journey to Moog was a little different than most – after leaving school following A-levels, she wasn’t sure what industry she wanted to go into, and began her Moog apprenticeship at 21 instead.

A graduate of Cheltenham’s Balcarras School, Jennifer first became interested in engineering after attending a university summer school: “I decided that I’d rather do an apprenticeship because it was really good work experience, you’re learning at the same time, and you don’t come out with student debt.”

Jennifer is currently part of the Test Equipment department at Moog Aircraft Group. “The training schedule at Moog allows us to go into each different section of the business to get a good experience of each, so I’m currently working in the Industrial Group and getting training there,” said Jennifer.

A typical day at Moog for Jennifer currently involves working with servo valves. “Depending on what’s there to do, I might repair a valve, which would include getting all the specifications and drawings ready, taking apart the valve, cleaning it and getting all the new parts,” Jennifer continued.

“We have make sure that each valve is completely perfect – within tiny tolerances – to allow it to go out. There’s a lot of testing involved, a lot of accuracy, before it’s allowed to leave and go to the customer,” said Jennifer.

At Moog, apprentices are given as much support as they need to learn and grow, as Jennifer has found while training. “There’s no pressure and everyone is quite relaxed. They’re supporting me a lot while I train, and the training is really good – I’ve learned a lot and Moog’s always pushing us to continue further education,” Jennifer explained.

“Last summer, I did a level 1 hydraulics course in Nottingham – the NFPC course – which is a national qualification, and I passed that, and I’m currently on distinction grades at my college. I’m aiming for distinction grades this year, too, and I’m hopefully going to start a part-time degree in September as well,” Jennifer concluded. 

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