Meet Our Apprentices – Luke's Story

Luke Hitchens, Engineering Apprentice at Moog Industrial Group

After visiting Moog for his high school work experience, Luke was on the lookout for an opportunity with the company after finishing his A-levels.

Luke was inspired to join the Moog team after hearing high praise about the organisation from his teachers, and after looking into Moog himself, was keen to get involved in a more hands-on learning environment. “In an apprenticeship, you get paid while you learn, so it made more sense to me than other higher education options,” said Luke. “I’ve always been interested in engineering – how stuff works, how to fix it, and so I thought that Moog would be a good fit for me.”

In a typical day, Luke will either work on the design side of things or out in the workshop: “I like both the CAD side and the more practical testing and assembly work – I’m not afraid of getting my hands dirty!”

Throughout his apprenticeship, Luke’s learned a lot from the design engineers he works with, and has found their support invaluable. “If I get stuck, they’re always there to give me a hand, but it’s always really satisfying when I can use everything I’ve learned before and progress without any assistance – it’s good to see that the things you learn do stay in your brain and don’t just go out the other ear!”

Following his apprenticeship, Luke hopes to stay as part of the Moog team in the engineering department, and has found that Moog’s relaxed environment helps him to succeed. “It never feels stressful here and we get loads of work done. We all learn from each other, and everyone here is really friendly.”

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