Meet Our Interns – James' Story

James Plumbly-Broughton, Undergraduate Intern at Moog Industrial Group

James joined the Moog team as an intern after finding the opportunity on a popular recruitment website, giving him valuable workplace experience before he returns to university for his masters degree.

Often, when people think of the word ‘internship’, they think of candidates doing the tea run or a bit of photocopying, but at Moog, interns are expected to get stuck in on real projects, doing work that will make a real difference. James studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nottingham, where internships are considered a vital next step.

“At the moment, I do quite a lot of technical drawings – the main product I’m involved with at the moment is a DDV project, which is a sub-miniature hydraulics valve. There’s lots of design work and development involved in that, so starting with a model in a CAD program to generating a drawing, to doing some testing and choosing components to go on the valve like o-rings and springs,” said James.

James is kept busy working on a variety of different projects, finding solutions for both new and existing products. “I also work on FEA, or finite element analysis, a computer-based way of calculating stresses on different elements, so depending on what forces and pressures are applied to a component, you can figure out how it will fail at a certain point. This is a virtual way of testing before you get to a live prototype,” James continued. “From there, I might go to help out on a product that might have an issue, or work alongside the Growth & Innovation team on new designs.”

Having relocated to Cheltenham to take the internship at Moog, James has enjoyed living locally. “I’d definitely consider coming back to Moog after my masters – it feels a bit crazy thinking that far ahead, but it would be a good option,” said James.

“It’s quite refreshing to come to work and actually look forward to it. Moog’s a nice company to work for, and the team are very supportive and friendly,” James concluded. 

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