F1 car utilising Moog subminiature components

Motorsport presents unique challenges for motion control suppliers. Whereas Formula 1 looks for low weight, small size and performance, rallying looks for ruggedness and the ability to perform in fairly brutal conditions such as extreme temperatures, adverse weather and demanding time constraints.

Moog's facility in the United Kingdom is ideally located, supporting our F1 customers.  Moog has been at the forefront of subminiature actuation systems in motorsport since 1982, initially supplying active ride height equipment to Team Lotus for use on their Lotus 92 Formula 1 Car. Over the intervening year, Moog has continuously developed a range of products and systems for actuation in many types of motorsport, including Formula 1, World Rally Championship (WRC), Moto GP, touring Cars and Le mans prototypes.

All product build and servicing is undertaken in a Class 100,000 Clean Room.

Motorsport Service

Delivering world-class motion control products and solutions means taking customer support far beyond the initial sale. It requires a dedicated approach to addressing your challenges and helping you achieve maximum productivity on a daily basis.

The Motorsport Center incorporates its own production and service facility, complying to Class 100,000 aerospace clean room standards. In addition to the UK facility, there is a dedicated team of motorsport specialists strategically placed at worldwide locations.

With rapid turn-round often required, motorsport customers benefit from a dedicated repair service, where a team of specialists provide anything from a functional test, to a complete strip down, repair and assembly, with specialist diagnostic reporting.

Specialist Production Techniques for Motorsport

Moog Industrial Group inTewkesbury is the global design development and manufacturing centre for motorsport products. To serve this market we have developed specialist production techniques utilising custom machining and measurement technologies.

In particular, we have the ability to produce extremely precise close-fitting cylindrical components using technology developed from Moog servovalve manufacture.  Typically we can achieve diametric fit tolerances of 1.25 micron and axial tolerances of 2.00 micron using our temperature controlled machining and measurement facilities. Furthermore, we have extensive expertise in precision spark erosion of a wide range of features in a variety of materials and the manufacture of complex hydraulic manifolds.

Key applications have included miniature manifolds, state of art brake components, steering systems, fluid control and hydraulic and electric actuation.

More about Motorsport

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