Celebrating 50 Years of Moog in the UK

To celebrate 50 years in the UK, we invited friends and family to not only get an inside look into our ongoing projects, but also to see the Moog company culture first-hand. We’re proud of our people, and are excited to see what the next 50 years will bring.

As part of our celebrations, we commissioned a poem from Brenda Read-Brown, Gloucestershire’s Poet Laureate, to capture what our UK teams do every day. 

What Moves Your World

Among green trees, behind the scenes -

the grey of walls, and blinds, and screens -

are people who can move the world:

giving the blind a chance to see,

keeping shuttles in the sky,

teaching pilots how to fly,

sinking deep below the Channel,

giving dentists chance to try

before they come near you.

Moog can make a robot do

the things too dangerous for us.

Moog’s built into the Airbus,

and in every FI car that races;

it’s in unexpected places

like the roof that covers Centre Court,

an action film, a Typhoon jet,

the power that turns on your lights,

wind turbines and a paper mill,

and Moog still hasn’t finished yet.

With new ideas and quiet skill,

the greyness jumps out of its grooves

to make a world that moves.


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