Meet the Moog Team – Buyers and Quality Coordinator Aggy Jazerbowska

During a typical day for Aggy, she’ll be working with our suppliers, finding new ones, negotiating delivery times and solving problems. 

She’s worked on many important projects at Moog, sourcing materials for projects like the Wimbledon moving roof over Centre Court, and finds that detailed planning is important to make everything go smoothly. “What’s really crucial for me, when starting a project, is to get very clear on the goals right at the start and then create a plan with milestones, find out who the key stakeholders are and get their input on the project’s different parts,” Aggy continued.

“The culture, values, and people are what’s best about working at Moog. It’s a global organisation with a culture built on trust and respect, and with some very clever employees working on very complex technologies!” Aggy concluded. 

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