Meet the Moog Team – Systems Design Engineer Ben Rowlinson

Ben has been working with us for 18 months and primarily works within the Moog applications team. He typically works on a wide range of electronic and hydraulic motion control products, as well as facing some of the most complex engineering challenges in motorsport, test, naval defence and industrial applications.

One of the most exciting projects that Ben has enjoyed working on was the retractable roof for Wimbledon. This project faced many challenges – one of the biggest being moving 1,000 tonnes of steel above 15,000 people! However, they were able to complete the project with a fantastic unique design, built with long life and low maintenance in mind.

For Ben, the best thing about working at Moog is the variety of work that he deals with. One day, he’ll be working with large motion control systems moving huge quantities of mass, and the next, he’ll be working on miniature actuation systems.

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