Meet the Moog Team – Content Marketing Specialist Rebecca Gunn

Rebecca grew up in a family of engineers and has had a keen interest in pre-war cars all her life, helping her with the delightfully quirky mind-set she finds at Moog. 

When she joined the Moog team, the company was just on the first rollout of its brand guidelines, and since then, Rebecca’s been key in implementing new CRMs and website builds. Her favourite project to work on was the build of the new Industrial Group facility in Tewkesbury, which involved signage, artwork, finding the right furniture, PR, planning an opening event and finally, creating a 13-metre timeline that displays all of Moog’s key achievements.

On her time at Moog so far, Rebecca said “When I joined Moog, I was a solo mum of a 2-year-old. I still managed to work full time and the support and understanding I received was incredible. I’ve met the most amazing people and have colleagues throughout the world, and I’ve been able to travel to some wonderful countries and visited some amazing customer installations.” 

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