Thompson Friction Welding - The World's Largest Friction Welding Machine

The world's largest friction welding machine, developed in partnership with Moog UK

When West Midlands based Thompson Friction Welding decided to develop friction welding to a point where it can be viable for securing the blades on jet engines, CEO approached Moog's engineering team to help them develop a solution based on Moog products and know-how.

The Challenge

To work with Thompson Friction Welding to help them develop the world's largest friction welding machine with previously unseen high dynamics and forces for use by automotive and aerospace industries.

The Solution

Using Moog RKP-II radial pistons pumps, Moog Cartridge valves, Moog D674 servovalves, three Moog MSC controllers and hydraulic accumulators, Moog engineers develop a solution.

The Result

The world’s largest and only Linear Friction Welding with the following spec

• Stored Energy 2 mW > 4,500 l/min @ 280 bar (1,188 USg/min @ 4,061 psi)
• Weld time - up to 5 seconds
• Oscillating actuator - Mass 1,500 kg (3,300 lb)
• Frequency up to 100 Hz
• Displacement ± 5.0 mm (0.118 in.)
• Positioning accuracy 13 μm (.0006 in.)
• Forging force 100 tonnes (220,000 lb)

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