Shaken and Stirred - Helping to Sink a Building for James Bond

Casino Royale set using Moog motion bases and servo controllers

James Bond film 'Casino Royale' has been one of the most successful in this ever-popular franchise. One of the biggest, the sinking of a Venetian building, was a unique motion control challenge that involved Moog and its partner EMP Designs Ltd.

The Challenge

To sink the Venetian building, in the final scenes, using Moog's smooth and safe operation of a huge rig that had to sink one of three motion bases, the largest weighting 80,0000 kg into the water tanks at Pinewood Studios, England.

The Solution

The equipment designed to control the rig centred on an M3000 system, which for this application can be split into the hardware - Moog Servo Controller (MSC); and software - Moog Axis Control Software (MACS). It was used to control six digital Moog Axis Control Valves (ACV), which, in turn operated six hydraulic actuators.

The Result

• Moog Servocontroller (M3000) and Moog Axis control software (MACS) providing extreme precision control, which is stable, flexible and cost effective.
• A hydraulic system based on digital valve technology
• Enhanced safety provided enabling team to make a controlled stop should it be needed.
• Ability to integrate a touch screen, giving a complete simplistic overview of the system
• Less prone to external influences such as radio frequencies 

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