E024 Series Servo Valves

Micro Hydraulic Direct-Operated Flow Control for Analog Signals

The E024 Series Servo Valve was developed from proven Moog aerospace servo valves that are widely used for control surface actuation in civil and military aircraft. This product is ideal for applications where very high levels of power density are required, that can not be achieved with electrical actuation.  This valve series is predominantly used in motorsport applications and has also been applied to actuation in robotics, oil and gas exploration and film industry special effects.

  • Ultra light-weight 92 gm (3.24 oz)
  • Compact package
  • High power density
  • Low input signal (10 mA)
  • Fast response to command inputs
  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • High peak flow capability
  • Precise, repeatable characteristic control
  • High temperature and vibration capability

Typical Applications


All Moog electro-hydraulic products used in Formula 1 are homologated by the FIA, this indicates they are approved for use with the mandated Formula 1 Electronic Control Unit (ECU).