Fluid Control Systems for Gas Turbines

We design and build fluid systems for use in a variety of industrial gas turbine applications. Depending on the specific requirements, our products have been designed to meet the specific requirements of the installation and the operating environment.  Products supplied such as valves and pumps cover the control of most fluids found in these applications, including: liquid fuel, gas fuel, lube oil and de-mineralised water.

We also support this market with a number of key products:

RKP Fuel Metering Pumps and Servo Valves

Moog RKP-II Radial Piston Pump

We offer a range of integrated valve and pump packages which can be fitted in compact spaces, have full maintenance capability, and can be designed to suit your application. Variable Fuel Metering Pumps based on the RKP-II Radial Piston Pump with diesel capability, automatic pump stroke control for lower energy consumption and minimised by-pass flow. Both single and multi-stream options are available. Liquid Fuel Pumps which are highly efficient gear pumps specifically designed for low lubricity and low viscosity oils with delivery pressure is up to 210 bar (3000 Psi) and flow rates up to 116 cc/ Rev (4 fl oz US) as standard. Lubricating oil pumps which can accommodate integrated relief valves and are offered with either spur or helical roloid gears.

Power Station Actuator Repairs

Moog services and repairs many types of actuators found in power stations.

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Oil Analysis Service for Steam and Gas Turbine Operators

Moog offers a Turbine Health Check for Steam and Gas Turbine Operators.

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