Industrial Servo Valves and Servo Proportional Valves

Moog is a leader in designing, manufacturing, and selling high performance hydraulic valve products. With nearly 70 years experience producing servo and proportional valves for the industrial market, our products are legendary for reliability and accuracy. Moog industrial valves contain either a mechanical, electrical or digital feedback mechanism, and unless it bears our logo, and contains Moog technology, it can not claim to be a Moog valve or indeed an alternative.

Designed and built to meet the unique needs of even the most demanding customers, we offer numerous models with a range of sizes, performance characteristics and mounting options.

Mechanical Feedback Valves (MFB)

Key Features

• Robust construction for use in extreme environments
• Suitable for use in high temp/high shock environments
• Very high response valve options available
•Intrinsically Safe Atex Approved Options

Nozzle Flapper Pilot

G631, G761, G771, G772, G773 72 79-100 79-200 72, 730. 78, 728

Small Package and Miniature

E024, 30, 31, 32

Electrical Feedback Valves (EFB)

Types of Electrical Feedback Valves (EFB)

Key Features

• Inherently high resolution for extreme accuracy requirements
• Integral Diagnostic function
• High flow valve options available
• Exd Atex approved options
• Directly Accommodates common PLC command signals

Servojet Types

D661, D662, D663, D664, D665

DDV Pilot

D681, D682, D683, D684, D685

Nozzle Flapper Pilot

D765, D791, D792

Proportional Solenoid

D926, D936

Direct Drive Valve (DDV)

Key Features

• Inherently high resolution for extreme accuracy requirements
• High Force Linear motor technology provide greater energy efficiency
• Operates down to zero supply pressure
• Analogue Pressure control technology option
• Simple onboard diagnostics

Flow Control

D633, D634, D636, D637

Pressure Control (PQ)

D638, D639, D941

Small Package and Miniature


Digital (DCV) and Axis (ACV) Control Valves

Key Features

• Integrate Digital Electronics with fieldbus technology
• Sophisticated diagnostic software and error handling capabilities
• Software configurable valve function
• Simplifies multi-axis system communications
• Integrated “System” closed loop controller (ACV)

Flow Control

D636, D637, D671, D672, D673. D674, D675

Pressure Control (PQ)

D638, D941, D942, D943, D944, D945


D671, D672

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