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Historic Moog products

Since 1951, Moog has been synoymous with industrial and aircraft applications, so it makes sense to look to Moog's own service centres and test rigs to ensure your Moog products are repaired to OEM performance.  

Our standard repair service includes the restoration of older and obsolete Moog servo valves, (including  Moog heritage valve brands: Ultra, Pegasus, Atchley, Dowty, TSS, Vickers)  to as-new performance levels, with extended warranty that applies to the entire product not only the repaired element.

You can renew your original product with OEM parts to our latest specifications, while avoiding the cost of purchasing new equipment and unnecessary downtime.

It also offers an opportunity to change your industry practices and be more environmentally friendly, as fewer resources are consumed than when building a whole new part.

However, should we find your product is beyond economic repair, we will continue to support you.  With many of our customers benefitting from modernising to our latest technology - it is always worth contacting us.

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Our History

Moog is proud of its history which goes back to 1951.

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Read about the Moog 21 Series Valve built in 1963 still in Operation in Canada

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