Additional Services Available in the United Kingdom

Fast Track Priority Service

Our Fast Track Priority Service provides a rapid transit through our service facility for a modest additional cost providing you with:-

• Predictable delivery performance
• Reduced need to stock excess spare units for non critical applications
• Reduced downtime
• Improved production

In addition, should we feel we can not meet your deadline we will tell you beforehand.  

Contamination and Flushing

We can provide a service to assist you to  assess and monitor your system cleanliness. Servovalves are generally a critical component in the function and performance of a hydraulic system. Their performance and life is affected by the cleanliness of the system fluid.

• Reduce the necessity of servovalve repairs, and increase reliability of your system
• Reduce the wear of servovalves and increase reliability of associated components such as servoactuators
• Increase performance and consistency of your system over a period of time

Servo Valve Testers

We offer a range of servo valve testers for field use as a useful aid in commissioning, servicing and troubleshooting control systems that use servo valves. They provide the ability to separate the hydraulics from the electronics so that the servo valve functions can be checked remotely from the system electronics.

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