Training Courses

Training courses offered by Moog UK

Recognising the importance of downtime to business, we have developed a series of courses in conjunction with our UK training partner, the National Fluid Power Centre in Workshop to provide hands on training for those involved in the maintenance and use of servo controlled systems.

Effective Maintenance of Hydraulic Servo Systems

This course is aimed at those involved in the maintenance and management of fluid power systems involving servo control and anyone considering introducing a system to their business. Topics covered include:

  • • The real hard facts about contamination
  • • The business benefits of good maintenance
  • • Most common maintenance issues
  • • Origins and nature of contaminants
  • • Effects of Contamination
  • • Benefits of using the right oil
  • • Importance of oil cleanliness
  • • Methods of measuring fluid cleanliness levels
  • • Health and safety
  • • Use of filters
  • • Importance of the flushing process

Installing and Commissioning Servovalves and Servo-Proportional Valves

This course is aimed at engineers who already have some experience in commissioning hydraulic equipment, but now need to improve their skills in order to work effectively, efficiently and safely with open-loop and closed-loop electro-hydraulic systems.

This course is particularly suited to engineers working in the following industries: Test and simulation, Offshore, metals, Plastic Injection Moulding, Power Generation, Paper Production and any other application utilising servovalves, servo-proportional valves and high response proportional valves.