New quadruped robot takes big strides towards saving lives

Moog E024-LA miniature hydraulic servo valve

When Researchers at the Istituto Italiano Di Technologia (IIT) wanted to bring to life their HyQ “Hydraulically actuated Quadroped”, to assist humans in their response to emergencies such as search and rescue operations in dangerous places, they approached Moog for a solution.

The Challenge

To provide the Istituto with a sub miniature and extremely high response hydraulic solution to control the leg motion of the HyQ which would have to react rapidly when the legs hit the ground, enabling precise reactive control of the rigidity/elastically of the limbs, absorbing the shock of impact, and preventing stress and damage to the centre body.

The Solution

The concept of “actively compliant” legs was made possible by the extremely high response of the Moog E024-LA miniature hydraulic Servo Valve integrated with a Moog servo actuator and additive manufactured manifold to control leg motion.

The Results

A transference of F1 micro hydraulics technology technology to human emergencies providing:

  • • Precise reactive control of the rigidity/elasticity of the limbs of the Quadruped.
  • • Shock absorption of impact and prevention of stress and damage to the central body.
  • • A robust, reliable, ultra-compact light-weight hydraulic solution capable of precise control in milliseconds.
  • • One of few robots capable of doing the “flying trot” where all four legs leave the ground simultaneously.
  • • Transference of Moog technology developed originally for Aerospace to F1 to human emergencies.

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