Lockheed Martin tests warrior turrets using Moog test system

Turret test system using a Moog 6-DOF motion base

When Lockheed Martin wanted to test the turrets on the improved Warrior Tank as part of the Warrior Capability Sustaining Program, they turned to Moog to help capture real test track data and replicate it in their laboratory.

The Challenge

Under real test track circumstances, engineers found it difficult to consistently replicate dynamic motion inputs and their work was further limited by weather conditions and the ever-changing terrain. The product development included the fitting and integration of a 40 mm Cased Telescoped Gun in the turret, requiring optimised gun aiming and stability performance during manoeuvres to represent a typical battlefield mission.

The Solution

Moog delivered a Turret Test System which included a 6 Degrees-of-Freedom (DOF) motion base capable of handling payloads up to 24,000 kg, a Control Cabinet and Replication Software Module from the Moog Integrated Test Suite Software.

The Results

Lockheed Martin were able to accurately simulate the vehicle movements as recorded on the test track.

• Due to the features of the Moog software, user training was reduced to 2 - 3 days
• Accurate playback of the target file achieved (RMS error typically <10%).
• The development time of the new turret was reduced, and 100% motion repeatability achieved.

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