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Medical OEM

Moog creates innovative medical technologies for medical OEM customers throughout the world.

Ultrasonic Sensing and Control

Moog engineers design and produce a variety of reliable sensors, components, systems, and subsystems that are used to monitor and control fluids in a wide variety of medical applications. 

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Moog possesses unique expertise in ultrasonic device design, development, and manufacturing with more than 15 years experience producing highly reliable surgical handpieces.

CT Scan Slip Rings

As a world leader in slip ring design and manufacturing, Moog works with key CT system manufacturers to provide reliable large diameter slip ring solutions.

Motors for Medical Devices

We offer a comprehensive selection of high performance motors used in a variety of applications, including medical, office automation, packaging and industrial applications. Optional drives, gearmotors, encoders and tachometers are also available.

Medical Simulation

Haptics is the science of creating a realistic sense of touch to the user in a virtual environment. We have been on the forefront of applying this technology for many years in flight and automotive simulation, and now we carry this wealth of experience over into new challenging applications. Some of our latest examples in robotics are in medical rehabilitation, dental simulation and welding training. These solutions range from complete training systems (e.g. dental systems) to offering customizable research tools that can be programmed for special requirements.

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