Moog in the United Kingdom

Bill Moog invented the first Industrial Moog Servo Valve in the early 50s, and Moog has had a relationship with the UK since 1958, when Bill Moog licenced George Dowty to manufacture Moog Servo Valves in Gloucestershire.

Moog has been established in the United Kingdom since 1968 - this represents over half a century of providing local expertise and state of the art facilities that are growing to meet our customer's needs.  These range from the supply and service of Moog servo valves / actuators designing aerospace components and test systems to manufacturing Formula 1 minature servo valves.     

In the United Kingdom, Moog plays a key role in sales, design, development, manufacture and implementation of a wide variety of products, solutions, repair and services.  Moog Groups represented include, Industrial, Aircraft and Space & Defense, delivering applications such as:-

Moog Servo valves for industrial and critical aerospace applications
Repair and upgrade of heritage valves such as Dowty, Pegasus, Atchley, Ultra Valves.
Aircraft Primary and secondary flight actuation systems, engine, braking & Steering,  and utility controls for fixed and rotary wing platforms
Pneumatic Emergency Stored Energy Systems for helicopters and naval decoys
Miniature Products and Systems for technology focussed sports such as Formula 1 cars
Test Systems for Wind Turbine Blades
Service and repair of Actuators in Gas Turbines
Slip rings and fibre optic rotary joints, for defence, aerospace and medical applications
Automotive, aerospace test and simulator products and systems

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