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Space and Defence Markets

Defence in the UK

RIwP® Configured for the UK

Moog is one of the world’s leading suppliers of military motion control solutions and turreted weapon systems. With a heritage in defence dating back to the early 1950s, Moog is recognised worldwide for accurate actuation and stabilisation of weapon systems, fast ammunition handling, precise steering control of missiles, and near silent actuation for submarines. Moog addresses our customers’ needs by delivering battle-proven solutions and innovative technologies allowing customers to create more efficient systems with lower operation and maintenance costs. In Europe alone we have a heritage spanning more than 60 years and have fielded nearly 10,000 axes of high performance motion control. 

EO/IR Systems Use Moog Slip Rings Made in the UK

Today’s electro-optic sensor systems require enormous amounts of data and power to be transmitted across the rotating device reliably. Moog is in the forefront of these requirements with the development of high bandwith slip rings, motion control and fiber optic components. We design the solution to optimize size, weight, and power performance.

Space in the UK

Moog's OMV will be featured on UK Pathfinder Launch

Moog is building a small spacecraft bus in our Reading, UK facility for the UK Space Agency through a contract from Lockheed Martin. Our Small Launch Orbital Manoeuvring Vehicle (SL-OMV) has its own integrated propulsion system, avionics, power, command and data handling, and structures. SL-OMV can be used to disperse small satellite constellations, act as a hosted payload platform, or deliver a single spacecraft to its ideal orbit. It is configurable for short durations through multiyear missions in a range of orbits and transfer capabilities. For this UK mission, SL-OMV will deliver six small spacecraft into their final orbit.


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