Career Progression Profile: Chunfei Cheung

Chunfei pictured next to the Stewart F1 car owned by Moog

After completing an internship with Moog in 2017–2018, Chunfei returned to the company thanks to its positive work environment and strong team spirit.

Applying for jobs during the pandemic was difficult, but the connections that Chunfei made during his internship helped him to further his career at Moog, where he started as an Associate Design Engineer.

“The large variety of products and end use applications keeps day-to-day work fresh,” Chunfei said. “My personal interest in motorsport, coupled with the motorsport business aspect of the Industrial Group in Tewkesbury makes it exciting to work in the company and to learn about customer applications. I’m continuing to build up knowledge and experience and am working towards becoming a Chartered Engineer.”

As a Design Engineer, Chunfei is responsible for creating CAD models and drawings for a variety of products. This could lead to creating production parts that will end up in a valve or revising existing parts to improve their performance or reliability. Once the drawing is created, this can then be manufactured and tested before it is implemented, and Chunfei will complete calculations to ensure the part will work as intended. He is also responsible for managing Bills of Materials, which is a parts list for assembling valves – a crucial step to ensure the Assembly and Test team have everything they need to build the valves correctly.

Part of Chunfei’s role also includes working with 3D printing and additive manufacturing, while creating tooling for assembly and test purposes. “The use of 3D printing for tooling makes certain processes quicker and easier, and 3D printing them results in a much quicker turnaround time compared with traditional manufacturing methods,” he said.  

As a member of the Miniature Actuation team, Chunfei led the F1 Power Assisted Steering valve improvement project, and through his new specification standard and parts development, the company can now turn around the valve in less than half the previous lead time, meaning that customers can get implementing and innovating more quickly.

While being given plenty of responsibility to take the lead, Chunfei always has the support of the rest of the team whenever it’s needed. “The working environment at Moog is supportive and everyone is willing to help, which is useful if you happen to be dealing with an unfamiliar topic. I’m also constantly learning about the diverse applications for Moog products,” he continued.

Outside of work, Chunfei enjoys cycling, and has participated in some charity rides with Moog colleagues to raise money for local causes. “I also own a 3D printer which I enjoy tinkering with, along with printing interesting and practical objects” Chunfei concluded.

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