Career Progression Profile: Cory A

Cory is servicing a valve. He is wearing the required PPE.

Cory’s apprenticeship was quite different to the usual experience, as he began working with Moog at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, he worked hard and successfully transitioned into a full-time A&T Technician role.

In the initial interview phase, Cory was struck by how welcoming the Moog team were, and found that Moog’s size and global presence would give him not only plenty of room to progress, but also a stable future. Even though some aspects of his apprenticeship were difficult due to the pandemic, Cory had the support of his department to see him through.

“I faced multiple challenges in completing the college side of my apprenticeship due to COVID and online lectures, but I’m proud of how I was able to finish the apprenticeship and move onto a full-time role,” Cory said. “I also had to take the lead in training colleagues up on other products while learning my own product, which was difficult but rewarding.”

Moving from being an apprentice to a full-time member of staff wasn’t without its own challenges, either, but Cory was soon able to adapt. “For the first couple of weeks, it was quite strange as I wasn’t used to working on my own without someone next to me. However, I realised I needed to take the initiative, so I chased up training opportunities and took on responsibility where I could,” Cory continued.

While Moog offers plenty of opportunities to every member of staff, Cory feels that starting as an apprentice gave him the ideal start in the company. “Everyone definitely has fantastic prospects, regardless of how they joined Moog, but as an apprentice, I feel that I got to see more sides of the business and was given even more choice in deciding where I would thrive,” Cory concluded. 

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