Career Progression Profile: Rhys Glover

Moog Tewkesbury

Rhys had already completed an internship role at Moog, but when a role in the Corporate Sustainability and ESG team arose, he was keen to return and use his skills to help make a difference within the company.

As a Sustainability Programme Manager, Rhys is part of the team responsible for looking after the sustainability performance of Moog sites and operating groups around the world.

“My current role as a Program Manager in the Sustainability Team varies massively from day to day. One day I’ll be working with big data, quantifying Moog’s environmental and social impact around the world, the next I might be working with a site leadership team to figure out how to cut their carbon emissions or engage their workforce,” Rhys explained. “The variety is probably my favourite part of the role, as no two days are the same.”

The Sustainability team was only formed in February 2022, and Rhys joined the team two months later, having returned to Moog in July 2020 after finishing university.  Since joining Moog, he’s helped to drive important change – setting up key governance structures and information systems while helping develop the strategies needed to succeed as a company while taking care of our people, the planet, and our local communities. “I’m really proud of the progress we’ve made in just 18 months, both as a team and as a company,” Rhys continued.

Having established the foundations of a successful programme, Rhys is now excited to see things keep moving. “I’m really looking forward to moving the needle on our businesses’ sustainability performance and figuring how we move towards our intended future state,” Rhys said.

Moog’s company culture was a large driving force in why Rhys came back to Moog following graduation. “I’ve been afforded so many great opportunities as a Moog employee and knowing this made the company such an attractive place to work, especially early career when you’re looking to try your hand at as many different projects as possible,” Rhys concluded. 

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