Career Progression Profile: Ryan M

Ryan pictured at his desk wearing blue Moog coveralls

After his apprenticeship ended, Ryan had a limited time to learn everything he needed to become a successful cell leader. However, this helped him take a great step forward in his career at Moog.

Ryan first came into contact with Moog as a high school student when he came to the Tewkesbury site to complete a week of work experience. He enjoyed his time in the Red Oil department, so he applied for an apprenticeship with Moog on leaving school. “I knew I’d prefer to be doing something practical, rather than sitting at a desk,” Ryan said.

Once he graduated from his apprenticeship, Ryan became a fully fledged member of the A&T team, working within the Red Oil department again. “At the moment, I deal with a lot of aftermarket units, such as the E020 series manifolds – they’re all unique products to work on and offer great learning opportunities,” Ryan said. “At the moment, I’m running one of the cells in Red Oil, so I’m tasked with the daily standup meeting and co-ordinating with the supervisor about our plans for the week.”

However, when Ryan transitioned from an apprentice to a full-time member of staff, the person he was due to be working with was leaving the company, so he only had about a month to learn everything he needed from them. Nevertheless, he had the full support of his supervisor and other members of the team to help whenever he needed it, and his achievements were quickly recognised by the A&T Manager.

By starting as an apprentice, Ryan feels that he was given lots of opportunities to increase his knowledge. “Being an apprentice means that I was shown lots of different departments, so I could learn more products. I feel that I’ve also learned skills I may not have anywhere else, which has helped me progress up the ladder,” Ryan concluded. 

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