Apprentice Profile: Charlie R

Charlie is pictured working on a Moog component being held in a vice

Having been interested in engineering from a young age, Charlie was looking to join a company that would nurture her and help her grow. She found the Moog spirit of camaraderie and support to be just what she needed to reach her potential.

Charlie thought about pursuing an apprenticeship after finishing her GCSEs, but held on to complete her A-levels before she applied to Moog. “Engineering in particular was always something I wanted to pursue, and I kept coming back to it after every stage of my school education,” Charlie said. “I wasn’t fully aware of what Moog did to start with, but I found that during the interview, seeing how the company worked first hand and learning more about its values, it was easy to see it was the right fit for me.”

At the moment, Charlie is working in the Test Equipment department. In a typical day, she will shadow one of the senior team members to learn more about what they’re doing, including processes such as calibrations and maintenance, before getting some hands-on experience. “This is really important as it allows me to understand the equipment we work on and how to go about completing the job, especially when complications arise,” Charlie said.

“From this, it develops my knowledge of keeping safe from hazards and how to avoid health and safety implications as these steps are carried out before every job – something that’s really important when working with machinery,” Charlie continued.

This knowledge has held her in good stead, especially when an urgent oil change was needed. “We were having trouble with the pumps in the facility, so I was able to complete an oil change calmly and quickly while the team was under a lot of stress – this made me feel like a more valued part of the team,” Charlie said.

Like many Moog apprentices, Charlie would also like to pursue higher education once she’s finished her apprenticeship. “Along with a degree, I’d like to look at job opportunities within Moog that will push me even further,” Charlie said. “Moog’s very different from any other engineering firm I’ve come across – they are always willing to help you progress and develop, and I’ve felt comfortable and welcomed at the company from day one.”

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