Apprentice Profile: James F

James F sits at a desk in Moog's Assembly and Test department next to parts for a Moog valve

When thinking about his future career, James wanted to get started in a place that would give him the hybrid benefits of college learning and hands-on experience in the workplace.

James applied for Moog because it sounded very different to any of the other apprenticeships he had applied for, and was keen to find out more about the company.

Now in the second year of his apprenticeship, he typically works on building and setting up valves for the A&T department. “I’m currently on rotation through all the different areas, but have worked on initial build, nozzle pushing, TMA assembly and testing procedures, so I get a view of the entire valve build from start to finish,” James said.

An apprenticeship at Moog typically lasts for three years, allowing each apprentice to  experience of working in different areas of the company to help them find their ideal position once they finish. “I’d like to pursue higher education once my apprenticeship is finished, and I can hopefully do that at Moog,” James said. “All of the people I’ve met at Moog have been very welcoming and helpful, and I’ve learned a lot already.”

Apprentices at Moog are given plenty of independence, and James has already been tasked with completing vital tasks. “Recently, I’ve been able to confidently build and nozzle push a valve by myself, which I’m really proud of,” James said.

Careers at Moog

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