Apprentice Profile: Dan T

Dan is shown using a computer to program a machine

As part of Moog Aircraft Group’s Manufacturing division, Dan helps produce a variety of our aircraft and aerospace valves, actuation components and more.

Dan chose an apprenticeship rather than a degree as it allowed him to learn while he earned, but also because he felt that he was able to learn more effectively. “As an engineer, the best way to learn is to see it, watch it happen, or actually do it,” Dan explained. “And so far, my apprenticeship has helped me learn a lot – it’s probably one of the best opportunities you can be offered.”

With a keen interest in aerospace – thanks to building RC planes and helicopters with his grandad – Moog was the natural choice for Dan’s apprenticeship. After completing his first year, Dan is now rotating through different teams within the Manufacturing division so that he can get plenty of experience in working on different products.

“I’m really proud of completing my first year,” Dan said. “It was such a big step from school, and I was able to gain a lot of independence when it came to my work. I also learnt a lot of new skills that are invaluable.”

Dan is keen to stay at Moog once his apprenticeship is complete: “The company genuinely cares for its workers, and I would like to be somewhere in Moog that suits my skills once I’ve finished my apprenticeship.”

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