Intern Profile: Ariadna C

Ariadna photographed at Moog Industrial Group in Tewkesbury

While studying Aerospace Engineering at Brunel University, Ariadna was looking for an internship that would further her knowledge and capabilities of working with aircraft control systems.

Ariadna first read about Moog’s internship programme by searching on Google and applied through our dedicated careers portal. Following a successful interview, she began working at the new Aircraft Group facility in Tewkesbury, gaining hands-on experience.

“At Moog, every day brings a new challenge and an opportunity to work towards a solution,” Ariadna said. “It is an ideal environment for an aspiring engineer to grow and learn.”

The collaborative culture at Moog has inspired Ariadna: “While I was hoping to improve my technical knowledge during my internship, working on diverse projects at Moog has enhanced my soft skills as well.

“I have learned how to collaborate with others and pursue a common goal, unlike in university where I work independently. I have also learned the importance of attention to detail and airworthiness. I am proud to be part of a team that ensures the proper operation of Moog devices on aircrafts,” Ariadna continued.

One of Moog’s core company values is ‘Your Personal Life is Important’, which means providing each employee with an ideal work-life balance, giving everyone plenty of time to make the most of their time outside of work.

For Ariadna, that means time to engage in her hobbies: “One of my hobbies is target shooting, which I enjoy especially in the summer. I find it a great way to train my mind and soul to stay focused on the goal, as nothing else matters in that moment.”

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