Intern Profile: Eddie W

Eddie W pictured at Plant 3, Moog Industrial Group

Eddie applied for an internship at Moog thanks to his family history with the company, and has found Moog’s culture to be the perfect fit.

As well as having Moog recommended to him by family members who previously worked for the company, Eddie wanted to learn more about the work the company does with Formula 1 and various defence contracts.

“The work at Moog is very varied,” Eddie said. “I might be tracking down and containing bad parts from a supplier, or I could be taking apart a valve from a leading F1 team that needs some adjustment.”

That quality control is extremely important, and interns are able to gain experience in handling real-life client cases. “On one occasion, I was able to successfully contain a lot of connector plates with an anodizing issue – these could have then gone on to valves that would have been supplied to customers,” Eddie continued.

So far during his internship, Eddie’s found that Moog’s people make it a great place to work: “There’s a fantastic work atmosphere at Moog, which makes it enjoyable. There are also plenty of benefits to working at Moog, with a good rate of pay and an excellent work/life balance so I can make the most of my hobbies, like playing football and exploring new places,” Eddie concluded. 

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