Intern Profile: Emma V

Emma is pictured in the Aircraft Group lobby at Moog, Tewkesbury

Studying in Arnhem at the HAN University of Applied Sciences, Emma was initially keen to find an internship that would help her further her automotive engineering studies. She came to the UK after the advice of her tutor, a former Moog employee.

“Although I’m an automotive student, I decided to apply to Moog as the internship on offer allowed me to get involved with many types of engineering,” Emma said. “It was something totally different to the path I thought I would go down, and that really interested me.”

On a typical day at Moog, Emma can be found getting involved with lots of different tasks. “For example, today, I was at the test rigs in calibration. On some days, I am tasked with developing presentations about different aspects of the work Moog does, and recently, I was shadowing the change on a hydraulic pump,” Emma said. “I am glad I get to do hands-on work and desk work in conjunction with each other because it helps further my learning.”

Working at Moog allows our interns to get to grips with some advanced technology, such as the hydraulic pumps in our facilities. “There’s such a special level of detail to all the systems in the pump rooms,” Emma said. “It’s amazing to see all the machinery needed working together and understanding why the pieces need each other. Shadowing the change of that pump helped bring me back to the mechanical and design environment that cars provide, which is something I really enjoy.”

After her internship, Emma will return to the Netherlands to complete her degree, but has big ambitions for what her career could entail. “I would like to see what exciting projects and engineering needs the world has to offer. It would be rewarding to get involved in projects that have a positive impact on the environment.

“But, as any aspiring automotive engineer will tell you, I also hope to get involved in racing. I love a driven and high-pressure environment as it motivates me. And I have enjoyed being a part of two race teams for the past two years,” Emma concluded. 

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