Intern Profile: Greg B

Commercial Engineering Intern Greg is pictured in front of the Moog Aircraft Group lobby in Wolverhampton

Greg chose Moog Aircraft Group for his placement year to allow him to work on a wide range of projects in a complex field of engineering.

Aerospace is one of the most demanding areas of engineering, as aircraft feature lots of intricate parts and systems. By being able to work across all of these, Greg is able to maximise his personal development, giving him a stronger learning experience to take back to university.

At the moment, Greg’s role involves plenty of research to help him gain critical understanding of the projects and concepts he is working around, but he is also able to contribute to Moog’s day-to-day work: “Under supervision, I’ve been able to draft test procedures which will be used to qualify various aspects of a part as a result of required changes. This has been great as I’ve been able to make a meaningful independent contribution at such an early stage of my internship.”

“I’ve also been involved in shadowing the development engineers, running rigs and performing data analysis,” Greg continued.

Working at Moog has given Greg the flexibility to make the most of his hobbies – as an elite badminton player, he reached a top 65 ranking in England’s for the men’s singles – and he’s been able to tailor his work life around anything that may come up, thanks to Moog’s flexi-time policies.

However, he’s found that the real benefit of working at Moog is its sense of camaraderie and team spirit. “The atmosphere and environment is really inclusive, which really motivates you and makes for high quality work. This is really important for me as I take real pride in my work, and I appreciate being part of projects that push me to learn and develop,” Greg concluded.

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