Intern Profile: Mantas K

Engineering intern Mantas at Moog Industrial Group, Tewkesbury

Coming up from London, Mantas was looking for a new experience with the opportunity to work on lots of different projects as part of his internship.

As a Product Engineering Intern for the Aircraft Group, Mantas is involved in a wide variety of projects per week, with every day providing a new challenge.

“Even though I’ve only been at Moog for a few months, I’m proud of the new skills I’ve learned,” Mantas said. “I’ve been able to get to grips with new software, and even get experience in testing TMA assemblies.”

As with all Moog interns, Mantas is a trusted and valuable part of the team, and has found the Product Engineering team to be very welcoming. “Moog’s a great place to work because everyone is open to answering my questions and gives helpful advice,” Mantas continued. “I feel like I’m genuinely part of an engineering team, being integrated into various projects and having opportunities to make a difference.”

Outside of work, Mantas has enjoyed taking the opportunity to explore the region, going on hikes in the Gloucestershire hills and countryside. After his internship, he will return to London to finish his degree in Aerospace Engineering. 

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