Intern Profile: Liam S

Liam S in the Moog Aircraft Group lobby in Wolverhampton

Liam chose Moog after an enjoyable assessment day that showed just how inviting and innovative the company really is.

“Even if I didn’t get the job, the experience from the assessment day would have been worth the effort!” Liam said. “It gave the impression that Moog was inviting and comfortable to work at, but at the same time, had the capability to provide amazing personal growth opportunities. So for me, it seemed like the perfect place to start my career.”

Within the Military Engineering department, Liam gets the chance to combine work in the office with hands-on experience in the development lab, where he conducts tests and measures up parts for modelling, amongst other things. “An oddly satisfying moment I had was the first time I ran a test in the development lab all by myself,” Liam said. “There was a moment of realization that this was the real thing. It was an experience I truly never thought I would get from a placement year.”

At Moog, interns are encouraged to build their own schedule – a flexibility that Liam has come to appreciate. “It’s nice to break up the day and do something different. I really enjoy having the freedom to choose how I plan out my work,” Liam continued.

Even though he’s only been at Moog for a Month, Liam has settled in well within the department: “The friendly and inviting atmosphere meant that the first month has been a really pleasant experience. Moog’s working culture genuinely benefits its employees and it makes coming to work enjoyable and fulfilling.”

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