Intern Profile: Michael B

Michael B at Moog Aircraft Group in Tewkesbury

Michael’s hands-on engineering experience meant that he was the perfect fit for our new Moog Construction division, where he’s had the opportunity to work on large-scale projects.

After a round of job offers, Michael chose Moog for his internship placement, thanks to the opportunities it would give him to experience both office-based design work and hand-on practical work.

“Currently, my days revolve around problem solving. I identify parts of the project that need to be addressed, putting together plans to fix the problem, design a solution, manufacture or purchase the components, then install the solution into the project machine,” Michael said. “This process means that I use many different skills, tools and design concepts, and so far has provided a challenging but engaging working environment.”

Outside of work, Michael enjoys working on his own personal engineering projects: “I enjoy working on and repairing all things mechanical – from cars to lawn mowers. I’ve even started volunteering in the workshops of a local heritage steam railway. I have also built several remote-controlled cars, boats and drones, which I have enjoyed racing, crashing and fixing!”

Thanks to this experience, Michael was able to work on installing the cooling system on a Moog Construction electric vehicle conversion. “I was left to work relatively independently on a critical system, and was able to execute it well. This seemed like a large responsibility for an intern, and I felt a lot more like part of the team by the end of it,” said Michael.

However, despite being given the chance to work independently, Michael enjoys the team spirit that embodies Moog’s company culture. “It’s easy to talk to people and ask for advice, and everyone is very willing to take the time to show you what to do and talk about what they’re working on,” Michael continued. “I enjoy the freedom given by my role to try things out, make mistakes and learn from them.”

Michael enjoys living and working in Gloucestershire, and will return to the University of Bath to complete his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering after his placement year. “I enjoy the work my department does, and I look forward to seeing what will come in the future. But for now, I look forward to coming into the office in the morning and seeing what each day will bring,” Michael concluded.

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