Intern Profile: Nisan K

Nisan K pictured in the atrium at Moog Industrial Group, Tewkesbury

An internship with Moog Industrial Group has taught Nisan about real industrial processes in high precision environments – an opportunity he wouldn’t get from his degree alone.

Nisan applied to Moog because of the diverse applications for its products and with a desire to learn more about high precision solutions. “I was also very interested in the company’s venture into the construction industry and the electrification solutions that Moog is undertaking there,” Nisan said.

On a typical day within the team, Nisan gets straight into problem solving for the project he’s working on at the time. This leads to valuable discussions within the team as they work to get the product ready for manufacturing and testing.

“I get to work on lots of different products, with new projects coming into view every few weeks,” Nisan continued. “We always start by developing a plan and working out the strategy for that project so we can keep on task.”

“I’ve learned so many things about industrial processes, such as developing engineering drawings that are up to manufacturing standard. These have to be at a highly precise level that’s essential for the high standards Moog expects. I’ve also worked on a major design adaptation for a 15-ton excavator, which was really interesting,” Nisan said.

The key to this learning, however, lies in Moog’s relaxed atmosphere. “The culture is fantastic – I can go to anyone and ask for help, and they’ll take the time and effort to make sure I understand. It’s also great to have the opportunity to walk around the plant and see all the processes happening,” Nisan concluded.

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