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Setting the Standard: Wind Turbine Blade Testing

Realistic, repeatable, and robust

Taking Blade Testing to the Extreme for DTU

For years, the structural testing of wind turbines has been defined by a limited set of standards, not taking larger and more advanced blades into account.

At Moog, we have used decades of testing experience to create high-performance test systems for both on-shore and off-shore turbine blades, delivering realistic and repeatable movement that would be experienced in the field of operation. Our systems ensure that the latest blades are tested to the highest standards, allowing you to deliver consistent results.

For the Technical University of Denmark, Moog developed a unique testing solution that could excite wind turbine blades in two directions at a time, allowing larger blades to be tested more quickly and accurately.

Find out more in our short case study video. 

Flexible Test Environments

Engineers setting up the blade testing facility at DTU, Denmark

Moog Reliability

Each testing solution uses proven Moog test controllers, software and structural testing experience.

Blades can be tested in multiple angular orientations, with a wide array of tests available to reflect the reality of loads in the field, and our adaptable hydraulic systems can be set to test both dynamic and static states.

If you provide us with your blade characteristics, we can create a model of the system requirements and develop a unique test platform for your needs.

Moog Global Support

Our commitment to keep your motion control components and systems running at peak performance by providing responsive repair and O&M support. Around the globe in 24 countries, local teams of trained Moog technicians are on standby with the services you need from express repairs to exchange programs, and on-site technical support